Helpful Links

We thought it would be helpful to connect you with some useful links to various tax organizations and other information resources.
Internal Revenue Service

The Internal Revenue Service mission is to provide America's taxpayers top quality service by helping them understand and meet their tax responsibilities and enforce the law with integrity and fairness to all.

Illinois Department of Revenue

The primary responsibility of the Illinois Department of Revenue is to serve as the tax collection agency for state government and for local governments. The department regulates the manufacture, distribution, and sale of alcoholic beverages. The department also oversees local property tax assessments, and functions as the funding agent for the Illinois Housing Development Authority.

Electronic Federal Tax Payment System
The Electronic Federal Tax Payment System® tax payment service is provided free by the U.S. Department of the Treasury. After you've enrolled and recieved your credentials, you can pay any tax due to the International Revenue Service (IRS) using this system.
MyTax Illinois
MyTax Illinois is a free online account management program that offers a centralized location, provided by the Illinois Department of Revenue, for businesses to register for taxes, file returns, make payments, and manage their tax accounts.